Friday, October 2, 2009

How everything and everyone around us inspires us

Photographers are sponges, I know I am. I take inspiration from my surroundings and get a lot of inspiration from the creative people I meet. This is a portrait of Stacy Peralta I shot at a taco shop across from the Santa Monica skatepark in 2009. The digi file got corrupted and this is how it came out of the camera, I don't mind the cropping. Stacy produced the Bones Brigade videos back in the 80s and set the standard for skate videos that followed. I have always admired Stacy's creativity and passion over the years and watching his art has helped my own work.


  1. hi grant, found your blog in a round about way, scottish bob, friend of stan, cool to see pics of blender, but what about claar.
    thanks for the memories, say hi to swifto and tell him to stop bailing.